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A haunting is usually the word used to describe the presence of "Paranormal Activity". Paranormal activity is activity that cannot be logically explained. You may see or hear things that should not be there, or that you cannot explain, and you also cannot prove the existence of.  Ghosts are thought to be the spirit of some one who once lived among us. Now, one must remember there is a very distinct difference between a "Ghost", which is believed to be a human entity, and a Demon, which is not and never was Human. Usually, one of the main differences noticed is the strength. A demonic entity is very strong. They can move heavy objects, as well as cause bodily harm to its victims. A human entity can also appear to be demonic, by attempting to imitate demonic presence. They may move objects, or scratch some one. Just because a presence isn't demonic, doesn't mean it isn't evil, or mean. 

  There are at least two different types of hauntings, Residual, and Intelligent.                                                     A Residual haunting is the presence of a human entity, which is the actual energy left behind after the persons passing. You cannot communicate with this type of haunting, their actions are not intended, they may be the same action over and over, kind of like a recording. It's timing will usually be unpredictable.                                             An Intelligent haunting is very different. An entity of an intelligent haunting can communicate with you, and its actions are purposeful. Sometimes the spirit may want something from you, if it is attempting to get your attention continuously. In some cases however, they are just trying to drive you away by scaring you, or becoming a nuisance. Also, it has been discovered that if some one is mean when they were alive, they will be a mean spirit after they pass. The same thing with some one who has an addiction, whether substance, or sexual. A perverted spirit is believed to be the spirit of a perverted human which once lived. Sexual perverse entities are often called Succubus, or Incubus. Some believe Succubus or Incubus entities to be demonic, but in my personal experience it can go either way.  I will go into more detail about the Succubus and Incubus later.

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